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I was looking around over at RedState and found this blog post.

In case you’re not going to click-over, here’s the attached video:

The video appears to have been filmed in Kansas City, MO, a town with which I have some history.  I graduated from high school there, lived there for a third of my life, and I consider it my “hometown,” if someone as nomadic as I am can have such a thing.

There isn’t much else to say that what is one the video, though I’d like to make a couple of points:

  1. Keith Olberman is a tool.  Worse than Bill O’Reilly, who is an equal-opportunity blowhard (that is, anyone who disagrees with his point of view, no matter what party), Olberman simply hates anyone opposing Democrats.  I’d say send him back to ESPN, but then I don’t want to see him when I’m watching football, either.
  2. The protesters are accused of being “astroturf.” I realize that Olberman is a “news analysis” anchor.  He’s not required to be even handed. However, he accuses all these protesters of being manufactured anger, and yet he’s the one using Democrat talking points!
  3. Jeneanne Garofalo accused the Tea Party Protesters (whom she and other leftists call “teabaggers”–more on that later) of being racists because they can’t stand a black man as president of the United States.  Yet one of the featured protesters in the video is also black.
  4. The representative for these people is former Kansas City Mayor Emmanuel Cleaver.  He’s a product of the recreated Democrat political machine there.  This is the guy who politely told the folks north of the river in KC to just shut up and pay their taxes.  Sound familiar?

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  1. Olbermann is beyond being a mere tool, he’s become an indicator of just how far bent the left has become. The fools who watch him are the curdled cream of their crop.

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