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Bill Stouffer’s Blog Tells It Like It Is

Missouri State Senator Bill Stouffer’s (R-Laffayette) blog made this interesting video:

Yeah, it’s 2 weeks old. I don’t care, it makes a great point.

The important thing to note here, is that the “Stimulus” money isn’t for “shovel ready projects,” as the President claimed. It is largely for enacting new government programs, which the state will later have fund itself.  So instead of closing the budget gap in various states and providing work for the unemployed, as the Congress promised, the state will actually be on the hook for more spending it cannot afford without creating new jobs.

It’s like we’re all part of a huge game of Three Card Monty, except there never was any queen…

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  1. Clothing says:

    Wow! Its imposible… I’m realy shocked :/

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