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Intriguing Candidate Watch: Marco Rubio

A couple weeks back, I had the good fortune to meet Marco Rubio, Republican candidate for Senate in Florida for the 2010 mid-term election.  Rubio is challenging Florida’s moderate Republican governor Charlie Christ in the primary for that nomination.

Unfortunately, I don’t live in Florida so I cannot vote for him.

I was impressed by Rubio’s speech at the RedState gathering in Atlanta.  I don’t match up with him perfectly on the issues, but in no way did Rubio strike me a wishy-washy, vote-by-the-polls conservative.  The most impressive part was that he made his speech without ever looking down at notes and with no teleprompter: Every statement he made was from his head and his heart.

My RedState friend, Dave_in_Fla, was also impressed by Rubio and created the following video:

Marco’s Story from David Thompson on Vimeo.

Unfortunately, WordPress will embed YouTube content relatively easily, but has problems with Vimeo. I’ll work on finding a way to embed this content.

Rubio is the son of Cuban exiles who escaped to the United States from Cuba following the communist revolution there.  He seems to understand, better than most, what a powerful central government can do to freedom and liberty.  Even more than that, he seems to understand the incredible opportunity that the United States offers to those who live here.  After all, he is the son of immigrant exiles and is vying for a seat in the most important legislative body in the nation (and by extension, the world).

Rubio impresses me right now, and I think he’ll be an important person to watch over the next ten years.


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