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Why does this surprise you?

Women in Business

Something surprises me. It surprises me in that it surprises other people. You see increasingly, women and minorities are taking to entrepreneurship, starting their own small business. This has been trending for years, but is becoming more and more common as the years pass by.

My question is, why does this surprise anyone? Success with your own business, be it a restaurant or convenience store or website, is the surest method to social mobility and economic security. Historically, women and minorities were (or at least, were perceived to be) relatively immobile in terms of their economic and social status. With the increasing realization that this needn’t be so, It should surprise no one that women and minorities are starting more and more businesses.

Further, it is far more common for people who are middle- and upper-middle class to start their own businesses. As women on their own and minority individuals and families have expanded into the realm of middle-class America, it should be again no surprise that their ranks are increasing among entrepreneurs.

Add to this the ease with which a person can set up a basic retail website and the increased profitability of niche marketing, it’s no wonder that minority and gender niches are being filled. From the founding of BET and Lifetime television to Women’s Health Magazine and myriad websites devoted to women and minority issues and targeted products, women and minorities founding businesses and websites only makes sense.

It’s good news, to be sure, but it’s hardly surprising.

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