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Only two conferences seem to matter

Under the heading, “Other things that interest me.”

Pretty obvious there are only two real college football conferences right now: The SEC and Big-12 are the only conferences that are really competing.

Let’s go through the list:
Mountain West-Who?
Big-10-Ohio State-USC settled that one tonight (oh, and all those non-conferences losses in the last decade).
Big East-West Virginia does not a conference make.
PAC-10-Sure, you have USC and UCLA, but Oregon? Washington? C’mon!

Let’s face it, the Big-12 and SEC always have between five and seven, maybe eight really good teams, every year:

Big 12

Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Nebraska, Mizzou, Kansas, A&M, Colorado and Texas Tech each have had great seasons in the past ten years, with some big bowl wins to go with it. Texas and Oklahoma so often play in the top-10 of the BCS that the Red River Rivalry is one that actually means something. Mizzou nearly played in Ohio State’s place against LSU, but for a loss to Oklahoma.

Southeastern Conference

Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, LSU, Ole Miss, Arkansas, even Vandy and Kentucky have had multiple big years recently, again with the non-conference wins to back it up. UGA’s loss to Oklahoma State last week was only its fourth non-conference loss under Mark Richt’s eight year tenure, which includes games against Boise State, Colorado and (heh) Oklahoma State. Florida and LSU both have BCS-Title wins in the past couple of years, with some arguing that Florida-Alabama was the real national championship last year.

Yeah, you get good teams in other conferences, like USC, Ohio State, West Virginia and Virginia Tech, but you don’t get the caliber of talent, performance and consistency like you get out of the Big-12 and SEC.

Could this change? Certainly. At one point, the Big-10 and PAC-10 were “the” conferences. The ACC and Big East have threatened greatness but have yet to consistently deliver.

Right now, it seems the SEC and Big-12 are tops, and it doesn’t seem likely to change.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled political commentary.

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