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Unathorized Indoctrination

You knew I was going to comment on this eventually, didn’t you?

I am not one of those people who thinks that everything a teacher does needs the approval of parents before doing it. I think in many respects, parents are too involved with preventing teachers from doing their jobs and need to step back. This is especially the case with discipline, where too many parents keep teachers and administrators from properly punishing students.

Lots of teachers are great people whose only interest is inspiring young minds and encouraging them to reach for the stars, and I consider myself fortunate that the vast majority of mine growing up were just that. Most are little more than glorified babysitters, and I had several of these.

A few prove themselves to be true misanthropes:

Now, again, not everything the teachers do should be checked and approved by parents. However, somebody should have thought ahead on this. Somebody should have realized the implications of a chant, cheer or whatever you want to call this, praising a divisive politician. Teaching children to praise a politician, socialist rhetoric and an individual still-sitting politician?

The worst part? The response of the schools where this happened? The video wasn’t authorized.

As if that would have made a difference. As if the video being authorized would have made this “okay.”

Neal Boortz likes to call government schools “Indoctrination Centers.”

I’m having trouble disagreeing with that.

Cross-posted at The Minority Report.

Update: I had to pick a different video. The Previous video was removed from YouTube for a “Terms of Service Violation.” I’m trying to figure out how that makes sense.

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