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Government Employees are Overpaid

It seems the average Federal Employee earns over $75,000, while the average private sector employee earns less than $40,000. That’s a split of about 80%.

Remember that Federal workers do have a maximum pay level. A G-15 has a maximum “standard” pay level of about $127,000. Depending on where they live, a government employee can earn as much as 35% more than that, topping out at $153,200. An executive tops out at almost $197,000.

In Congress, your congressman or senator has a standard salary of $174,000, and if they are a party leader, their salary increases by $19,000.

So, the average Federal employee works fewer days, has better benefits, gets a taxpayer-funded pension, has incredibly low customer-service ratings and now we find out, is paid almost twice as much. And government employees almost never have to worry about being laid-off. Now the government wants us to fork over more taxes to fund their government health care scheme and pay for their overspending.

And these guys say private businessmen are greedy?


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4 Responses

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  2. beaglescout says:

    Civil Service executives can make more than a senator who is party leader? Wow!

  3. dmsteffe4705 says:

    We could keep in mind that this isn’t entry level moolah. Besides the pocket of your congressman their are well deserving hard working individuals in the realms of defense or intelligence. There are always employees that skim through life doing the bare minimum and getting a lot more than they deserve, I see it everyday. But there are still many hard working well deserving individuals of these seemingly absurd benefits.

    As far as the government health care… I agree with you %100. Where is the money for this health care for all? Sky high taxes.

    • fredmaidment says:

      It’s easy to generalize when talking about government, and I am normally all about individual recognition.

      Yes, there are plenty of excellent, hard working government employees. However, the fact that average pay far-exceeds the private sector is both disturbing and upsetting.

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