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Add Insult to Prejudice

(H/T to SnarkandBoobs for the video clip)

The Japanese have a saying: “The raised nail gets hammered down.”

Juan Williams was a consistent critic of the Bush Administration and is generally a supporter of Barack Obama. He is a well educated black American. But now he opposes the NFL player’s union. He’s not towing the party line and refusing to demonize Rush Limbaugh, and he’s being attacked.

Personal attacks like the one by Warren Ballantine are a disgusting moral lapse at best and and worst shed light on a dark, hate-filled character. It’s one thing to be snarky or lampoon something or someone. It’s quite another to use a racial epithets and assassinate the character of someone just because there is a disagreement.

The type of prejudice that causes people like Ballantine to make such statements as the one he made to Juan Williams simply isn’t spoken about, but it needs to be. It is the prejudice that any black person who disagrees with Democrats, especially black ones like the President, or who doesn’t see racism in every conservative, especially ones like Rush Limbaugh, must somehow be seeking the approval of whites. These “House Negroes” (as those like Ballantine call them) cannot possibly consider, of their own volition and by their own intellect, that such viewpoints lack intellectual substance.

I have watched Juan Williams on many occasions for almost two decades. I have mostly disagreed with him, but never felt he was a shill for the Democrats, much as I infrequently disagree with George Will but never feel he is a shill for Republicans. That Ballantine seems to think that Juan Williams is seeking the approval of whites is laughable, since most of his his positions are in line with liberal democrats including his positions on race.

Warren Ballantine may have had a point before his statement, but his disrespectful statement to Juan Williams discredited any argument he might have had. Race-pimps like Ballantine and others need to be called-out and shunned. As long as they maintain any level of credibility, the remaining scars of America’s racial history will never heal.

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3 Responses

  1. Montana says:

    For so many years Limbaugh has spent his time on the radio mis-labeling or mis-characterizing others . Finally he had his judgment day.

    • fredmaidment says:

      Here’s an idea: Reply to the point of the article, which was that Ballantine used a racial epithet on Juan Williams for which, were he white, he’d have been ostracized.

      Limbaugh is what they were talking about. This was about Ballantine and Williams, not Limbaugh.

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