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PETA: The straight-jacket brigade

I’m not going to say much, just state my piece.  PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) wants the University of Georgia to replace Uga VII, its recently and suddenly deceased mascot, with an animatronic robot.  Apparently, the folks at PETA are upset about the inbreeding of the English Bulldog and the poor care given to these animals.

I can’t comment too intelligently about inbreeding, except to say it’s far more common when the animals are being “miniaturized.”  But I can comment on the care these animals receive.  You see, I’ve met both Uga VI and Uga VII and his owner.The animal that is called “Uga” starts life with an entirely different name.  This pure-white English Bulldog is a direct descendant of the original Uga, who became the University of Georgia’s athletic mascot in 1956.  That Uga was the grand-son of a bulldog that accompanied the team to its 1942 national championship game.  They are owned by Frank W. Seiler of Savannah, Ga.  One that is playful, good around children and who apparently has a disdain for orange (just kidding) is chosen from among the most recent Uga’s litters.

These bulldogs are extremely well cared for, literally pampered from the day they are born and given the best veterinary care money can buy.  Uga even has a personal veterinarian on staff at the University.  You would be hard-pressed to find an animal anywhere in the world better cared for than Uga.  In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find people better cared for.

“To help end the crisis, and UGA’s string of preventable mascot deaths, we’re asking the University to honor UGA VII by replacing him with an animatronic (robot) or solely using their costumed mascot, Hairy Dawg,” the group said on its Web site.

PETA doesn’t really give a damn about the mascot.  All they care about is making a statement about animal rights.  I’m certain they “feel” something for the animals, but it is my belief that they think Uga being a mascot means he is being abused.  Uga is forced to perform in front of people at sporting events, so he’s abused.

It’s not about “preventable mascot deaths” to PETA.  It’s about forwarding their radical agenda that would give animals the same rights as human beings.  In the end, I believe it’s about making them feel better about themselves, and damn the feelings of the Georgia Bulldog fans or the Seiler family.  These people are so radical they tried to rename fish as “sea kittens” to make them less appetising.  They belong in padded rooms with heavy doors that lock from the outside.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for dinner.  I need to put on my leather coat and boots and get myself a fried chicken salad with real bacon pieces and lots of cheese.  Or maybe a nice, juicy, medium-rare steak.

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