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Tebow’s Ad a Success of Modesty

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know I’m a huge Georgia Bulldogs fan.  As such, I was pretty happy to see Florida lose to Alabama in the SEC Championship game.  I was even slightly glad to see Tim Tebow cry when the game ended.  But I got over it and even got upset at the people who rode that horse for weeks; because despite putting the hurt on Georgia three of his four years at Florida, Tim is a class act and an overall really nice guy.  I wouldn’t be surprised if, when he gets to the NFL, he gets a reputation along the lines of Doug Floutie or Darrell Green, who are considered to be among the nicest, most consciencious guys to ever don the uniform.

So, in case you missed it, here’s Tim Tebow & Mom’s Super Bowl Ad:

Yeah, that was worth all the shouting and harranging by the National Organization for Women (the same organization that supported Bill Clinton in defending his sexual harrassment lawsuit).  This and other “women’s” groups and “pro-choice” groups spent many hours in the weeks preceding the Super Bowl denouncing the ad as “inappropriate” for the venue, “anti-choice” and “anti-women.”

I’ve been wanting to say all this ever since I saw the ad last night, but amazingly enough, a pro-choice liberal has already said it all for me.  She said it almost a week before the ad aired, and there is very little I could add to the conversation that would be at all helpful.  But I’ll still try.

I suppose NOW was just fine with the GoDaddy commercials where women were tearing their clothes off (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  I suppose they didn’t mind the Bud Light commercial where the house was made of beer, and as they pulled cans away to dink it exposed one of the owner’s girlfriend.  I suppose they didn’t mind looking at two consecutive commercials with old men in their underwear (not that there’s anything good about that).  These met their standard of “appropriate,” but Tebow’s ad (which they had not seen before denouncing it) was inexcusable.

I am not “pro-choice” or “pro-life” in the colloquiol sense that either of those terms have taken on.  I oppose abortion in most instances.  I think that there are limited times when abortion is appropriate, including the immediate danger to the life of the mother, the impending death of the fetus, and cases of rape and incest.  I do not believe abortion should be a contraceptive (since conception has actually already occurred) nor should it be easily available.  As such, both sides of the argument generally make me angry with their “one-size-fits-all” mentality.

The fact is, the ad was in extremely good taste and, if it had not been paid for by Focus on the Family or starred Tim Tebow & Mom™, probably would not have garnered even a moment’s attention prior to the game.  It was good humored and low-key, with a simple call-to-action (come visit our website), rather than an in-your-face message like the ones we see from PETA, NOW and other totalitarian “liberal” groups.

NOW and other organizations spent their time, energy and resources opposing CBS playing the ad and denouncing it six ways from Sunday.  It seems to me that NOW and their cohorts have egg on their face.  Which may have really been the point all along.

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