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An Act of Cowardice

In the dictionary next to the word “coward” is a picture of Malik Nidal Hasan.

Yesterday Malik Nidal Hasan opened fire on unarmed American soldiers. He used two handguns to kill 13 people including a civilian police officer and wounded at least 30 more. Today he is himself on a ventilator after being shot during the attack, purportedly by the police officer he killed.

Reports came fast and furious after the shooting. Two other men were brought into custody as suspects, then released. Reports were intiailly that Hasan had died of his wounds. The President called the killings a “horrific act of violence.” Local schools remained locked-down until 6:30pm local time, and the base was finally released from lock-down about 45 minutes later according to televised reports at the time. Read the rest of this entry »


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Shooting at Fort Hood, TX: Tonight we mourn

Malik Nidal Hasan

Malik Nidal Hasan

FAMILY HOTLINE: (254) 288-7570 or 1 (866) 836-2751

At least twelve are dead and thirty more wounded after between one and three gunmen opened fire on US Army soldiers at Fort Hood Texas.  Initial reports are that one gunman is believed to be a US Army Major (who may or may not be dead) and there are two more soldiers in custody on suspicion of being accomplices.

Information is sketchy at the moment, but the base has been locked-down.

Fox News is reporting that a man named Maliq Nadal Hassan Malik Nidal Hasan has been killed ws the shooter.  He was is a 39 year old Major who worked on the base.  Televised reports are that he was vocal in his opposition to being deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.  UPDATE: The latest reports are that he is alive, not dead as previously reported.

Fort Hood is the largest military base, by population, in the United States military.  Approximately 70,000 people work on the base, including 9,000 civilians plus the families of the soldiers.  It is home to two US Army divisions and III-Corps headquarters.

My prayers and heart are with the soldiers and their families.

Fox News has continuing coverage.

Continued updates below the fold: Read the rest of this entry »

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Even Dianne Feinstein gets it

(I missed This Week this week. Heh.)

Behold, Mr. President:

To win a war, protect what you have, destroy your enemy where he feels safest but is most susceptible. Be relentless. Hit him where he doesn’t expect. Even the smallest victories bring you closer to success.

The North Vietnamese knew this and used it to great effect. Montgomery did it to the Afrika Corps in Egypt. We did it to the Nazis in Sicily. Saladin used it against Richard. Verson Getrix used it against Rome.

It works. Take a lesson from history.

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