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Intemperate Thoughts II

Several months have passed since my first set of Intemperate Thoughts. These are random thoughts that are short bits of reason. They are generally cynical, sometimes funny, often politically incorrect but (I hope) frequently insightful looks into the nature of politics, government, and everyday life.


  1. So, we have to spend money on Welfare for people who can’t find jobs, but we have to have illegal aliens to fill the jobs that Americans “don’t want.” One wonders which jobs Americans wouldn’t want if Welfare wasn’t available…
  2. Does Nancy Pelosi need to apply for Carbon Credits when she travels by Air Force jet?
  3. Curling is gaining fans in the United States. I imagine people in this country once looked at fans of another Scottish-invented skill sport in much the same way as people who now make fun of us curling afficianados. cough! cough! golf cough! cough!
  4. If there is one thing Europe has taught us these last 50 years, it’s that “Universal Health Care” is universally mediocre, except for the wealthy and powerful who get access to the “good” doctors.
  5. I want to ask all those socialism-loving American college students out there: In what universe does an iPod count as a “need?”
  6. The Federal and State governments have been irresponsible and now want to balance their budgets by raising taxes. One wonders how the Government would respond to irresponsible families balancing their household budgets by taking money from other people at the point of a gun… Read the rest of this entry »

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PETA: The straight-jacket brigade

I’m not going to say much, just state my piece.  PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) wants the University of Georgia to replace Uga VII, its recently and suddenly deceased mascot, with an animatronic robot.  Apparently, the folks at PETA are upset about the inbreeding of the English Bulldog and the poor care given to these animals.

I can’t comment too intelligently about inbreeding, except to say it’s far more common when the animals are being “miniaturized.”  But I can comment on the care these animals receive.  You see, I’ve met both Uga VI and Uga VII and his owner. Read the rest of this entry »

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Health Care is Two Words

Just a short note on a pet-peeve of mine:

The term is not “healthcare.”  Healthcare is not a word.  The proper term is “health care.”  Two words, not one.

Yes, the English language is full of redundancy, allowing us to understand colloquial mistakes such as this, and I am by no means a grammarian.  It doesn’t mean we should just abandon the proper terminology.

Carry on.

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