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Atheism is a Religion

I cannot stand to talk with people who insist that Atheism is not a religion. Atheism is the affirmative belief that there is no God.  Atheists argue that, because their belief system includes no God figure, it is not a religion.  Atheists argue a God figure is a necessity for a religion, and it is true that Webster’s does define a religion as a “belief in a divine or superhuman power or powers to be obeyed and worshiped as the creator(s) and ruler(s) of the universe.”  (Webster’s New World Dictionary – Third Collegiate Edition. (c) 1994, Simon & Schuster/Prentice Hall General Reference, New York)

However, the definition misses the principle basis for such a belief system: Faith.  Such a simple word.  Five letters arranged in one syllable.  It’s definition is equally simple: “Unquestioning belief that does not require proof or evidence.”

In this manner, all religions are based in faith.  As yet, there is no scientific proof of a God figure, reincarnation, karma, or that our ancestors can hear us in death.  There is no scientific proof that the spirits of animals and trees guide us and bind us.  Religion is, therefore, based upon faith that such things are real and guide us.

Atheists counter their belief, that there is no God, is the anti-religion.  They affirm that because they have no God figure, they have no religion, no religious beliefs, no system of faith.

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