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A Slice of Tyranny

I don’t play golf.  I’m awful.  I can’t hit the ball straight to save my life.  In fact, I have been asked to leave driving ranges for injuring other golfers.  I have been in situations where the ball ends up behind me on so many occasions I am convinced that I am cursed.  Despite many hours of coaching, I continue to churn out horrific results at the golf course.

I think Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has the same problem:
Golf Swing. Linked from Wikipedia

Of golf, Chavez declared recently in the city of Maracay: “I think it is a bourgeois sport and there’s no justification for having a golf course in the middle of a city where there is so much housing need for the people.

“Even though there are slums, you have 30 hectares so a little group of bourgeois and petit-bourgeois people can go and play golf … They are so lazy, they use carts!” he mocked.

Although a lover of sports, especially baseball, Chavez’ comments brought into the open — and instantly politicized — the decline of golf facilities in Venezuela. Various courses have shut in recent years, and others may go the same way if authorities decide to put Chavez’ words into action.

And it seems the government has no small part in the decline of the sport there: Read the rest of this entry »


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