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Cashier plans to sue The Home Depot, lawyer should be disbarred

A former cashier believes his rights were violated by The Home Depot when they fired him for wearing an openly religious piece of flair. The Home Depot counters that it does not permit non-approved buttons, pins and other regalia on their store associate aprons.

“I’ve worn it for well over a year and I support my country and God,” Trevor Keezor said Tuesday. “I was just doing what I think every American should do, just love my country.”

This is the problem with America today:  We think our rights overrule the rights of others.

Home Depot spokesman said Keezer was fired because he violated the company’s dress code.

“This associate chose to wear a button that expressed his religious beliefs. The issue is not whether or not we agree with the message on the button,” Craig Fishel said. “That’s not our place to say, which is exactly why we have a blanket policy, which is long-standing and well-communicated to our associates, that only company-provided pins and badges can be worn on our aprons.”

Fishel said Keezer was offered a company-approved pin that said, “United We Stand,” but he declined.

In other words, he got away with breaking the rules for a year.  When he was caught and asked to follow them, instead of complying to keep his job he refused.  He was fired.  It should have ended there.

Trevor Keezor doesn’t seem to understand this his right to expression does not supersede the right of The Home Depot, its owners and managers to control the message that is disseminated to its customers.  Allowing him to wear the pin could be seen by some as an endorsement of his religious views. Read the rest of this entry »


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